M&I Materials launches “world’s first” regenerated ester transformer fluid

Jun 7, 2023
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M&I Materials has announced a new addition to its MIDEL range of ester transformer fluids – MIDEL Regen synthetic ester.

The fluid delivers the established K-class and biodegradable benefits of synthetic ester but is derived from in-service fluid which would otherwise be scheduled for disposal, according to a press statement.

Barry Menzies, Managing Director, MIDEL Global, commented: “The existence of MIDEL Regen puts synthetic ester and MIDEL firmly at the forefront of sustainability in the transformer fluid industry, and we are proud to be finally bringing it to market. The regeneration of used MIDEL 7131 synthetic ester into MIDEL Regen will allow transformer owner/operators to avoid incinerating or disposing of end-of-use fluid from their ageing transformer fleets.”

MIDEL Regen meets the electrical and chemical performance parameters of IEC 61099, the standard for new synthetic ester transformer fluids. Ahead of an adjacent standard for used ester being agreed, the first OEMs and private end users of MIDEL Regen have already taken delivery of the first shipments of the new fluid.

According to M&I Materials, the superior oxidation resistance of synthetic ester over its natural counterparts, such as those made from rapeseed and soybean, is what enables the regeneration process of end-of-use MIDEL 7131 synthetic ester into MIDEL Regen.

This can take place as assets are being decommissioned or at the end of the fluid’s initial useful life. Using MIDEL Regen helps to make transformers even greener while also delivering fire safety (K-class, high fire point >300°C), biodegradability, extended transformer life and the option to run at a higher temperature, for a standard lifetime.

Image, source: M&I Materials


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